Hello Everyone!–Again

If you look below at other posts (okay, just one) I wrote one welcome post and disappeared. But a lot has changed. LIKE A LOT! I am still in my twenties, twenty three in fact and year and half later after that first post I am now graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education, I am closing soon on a house that I will share with my fiance, yes the same one I was “possibly falling in love with” and we are getting married this summer! And I am starting the process of substitute teaching so I can get my name out there for when teaching jobs begin to be posted.

Big things are brewing! Very excited. And nervous. Job interviews (yikes!) owning a house and fixing it up because it needs some TLC (yikes!) But all manageable and worth every minute of the hard work.

Oh. And you know, planning a wedding, very exciting! But like a whole new land where I am not sure which direction to go, so many choices and decisions and lots of money!


But very exciting.


I am very open to any advice from anyone! On any of those topics!


Hello, Everyone!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. To me, a very first blog post is as awkward as a first date. Like a blind date. You have no idea who you are talking to and what to particularly say and talk about in the first meeting. Unless you are super confident in yourself (if you are, high five! You are a rock star and I envy you for that) you second guess everything you say and get that pit in your stomach that screams This is incredibly awkward, what are you doing?! and you probably sound dumb right now. Or is that just me? That’s very possible. 


I am a twenty something year old woman who has been seeking a place to write down her thoughts. Because I love to write and think and such. I’m in a weird spot in my life right now. I am still living at home, I am three semesters away from completing my degree in Early Childhood Education. I’m dying to live on my own and gain the independence I am craving but unfortunately my bank account isn’t quite ready for that move. So in the meantime I am working two jobs, nannying and working at a day care center and may possibly be falling in love. So there’s that. 


So that’s me in a quick snipbit. Of course I’d like to think there’s more to say about me. But I don’t reveal all of me on first dates, so the same applies to first posts? Whatever. 🙂 

Talk to you soon!